EMIR Research was established in pursuit of a better Malaysia, via Engagement, Moderation, Innovation and Rigour. Our primary aims are to produce data-driven research aimed at informing dynamic and effective public policy.

Our commitment is to intellectual rigour and integrity, grounded in principles of wasatiyyah – the Islamic notion of moderation and the middle path.

The end goal of EMIR Research is to help Malaysia fulfill its vast potential, by encouraging policies that lay the foundation for becoming a high income nation, stimulate vibrant economic growth, and build genuine national unity based on justice and the Federal Constitution.

Raison d’etre

We believe there is a strong need for government policies to be informed primarily by objective and impartial data-driven research. As an independently funded research organisation, we look to provide the highest quality of such research without being influenced by partisan or political concerns.

Our position allows us to advocate for policies without seeking political mileage for ourselves or at anyone else’s expense. This facilitates an environment where policies can be debated freely on their merits and effectiveness alone, free from political considerations.

We hope for our work to complement and strengthen the work already produced by existing think tanks, and contribute meaningfully to the policy ecosystem.


EMIR Research will be involved in both short term and long term studies, producing research papers, journal articles, policy briefs, position papers, op-eds, and survey results. We also plan to hold fora and symposia to stimulate policy debates at the highest level, bringing together the best possible minds.

Our priority is impactful research. We look to forego overly theoretical policy papers or pretty coffee table books that will gather dust, in favour of actionable policy recommendation which can be immediately implemented by policy makers.

We look to always be data-driven and produce research-oriented outcomes, instead of outcome-oriented research. We aim to hold our work to the highest academic and professional standards.