EMIR Research

is an independent think-tank focused on strategic policy recommendations based on rigorous research.
EMIR’s empirical-based findings are unsparing in its data-driven objectivity and unbiased accuracy.

We are proud

to undertake the highest pedigree of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary analysis in political, economic and social issues of public concern, with a particular focus on future disruptions from 4IR frontier technologies.

Our priority

is impactful research which begins with identifying the actual causes of the phenomenon we are researching on via a qualitative elicitation study in order to detect the pulse of the subject, which are grounded in his or her experience. Only then will we proceed to the quantitative phase of research.

We are ever ready

to forego overly theoretical policy papers or pretty coffee table books that will gather dust, in favour of actionable policy recommendation which can be immediately implemented by policymakers.

Our approach

is to always be data-driven and produce research-oriented outcomes, instead of outcome-oriented research. We aim to hold our work to the highest academic and professional standards and we do not shun away from disseminating the brutal truth of our research findings.