Korupsi dan Kemunafikan dalam Politik Melayu – Perlunya Disegerakan Transformasi Moral-Etika

Pasca Covid-19 pandemik, Malaysia sedang menyaksikan keruntuhan moral dalam arena politik dan pengurusan tadbir yang tidak pernah berlaku di negara kita sebelum ini dan ia telah mengakibatkan negara semakin mundur dan berada dalam situasi yang sangat membimbangkan. Oleh itu,  buku ini amat diperlukan oleh masyarakat kerana ia membentangkan prinsip yang berasaskan hujah yang bernas dan garis graduan praktikal yang perlu dikaji dan dilaksanakan  oleh semua pemimpin Islam, pembuat polisi, perniagaan dan industri serta rakyat yang prihatin untuk melakukan penetapan semula dalam sosio-politik dan ekosistem dalam jangka masa dua hingga lima tahun untuk membawa keseimbangan keharmonian, kesejahteraan dan daya tahan atau kecekalan sebagai persediaan menghadapi senario masa hadapan global yang lebih mencabar.

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Corruption and Hypocrisy in Malay Muslim Politics: The Urgency of Moral-Ethical Transformation

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, Malaysia is witnessing deplorable moral decay in the arena of politics and governance of the nation, which are unprecedented and brought about disastrous setbacks when the nation is at its weakest—at the point of survival for many. Therefore, this sorely needed book presents reasoned principles and practical guidelines which ought to be studied and implemented by Muslim leaders of all kinds, policymakers, business and industry players and simply concerned citizens to perform a major reset to our socio-political eco-system and within the next two to five years at the earliest bring our community back to a balanced harmony, wellbeing and resilience in preparation for even more challenging future global scenarios.

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4IR AI Blockchain Fintech IoT – Reinventing a Nation

The Fourth Industrial Revolution also known as 4IR is here to stay. There is no turning back. Because of its ubiquitous reach, 4IR technologies raise all kinds of concerns, and nations have to adapt and change. This book written by authors Dinis Guarda with Rais Hussin reflects on the 4IR impact as a whole, concepts, strategies. This 366 pages book includes global leading expert contributors, and offers research, education, case studies and guidance on how these disruptive technologies, special AI, Blockchain, Fintech, IoT, can be used to create a better life for all.

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Voice of Islamic Moderation From The Malay World Book

Voice Of Islamic Moderation From The Malay World

This is a book written by an independent and non-partisan Muslim Malay academic, mainly for a non-Muslim audience in mind, either in Malaysia or overseas. It is also address to the Muslim leaders, intelligentsia, professionals and students who are interested in the issue of peaceful coexistence of the Muslim world and the West. It consists of eleven essays which were written in the light of the challenges of globalisation and a post-September 11 (9/11) “New Word Order” which has set the stage for a heightened global tension between the Western world and the world of Islam.

The book represents a unique Muslim perspective, namely that of independent Muslim intelligentsia in contemporary Malaysia. Its main focus is the subject of Islamic moderation (Arabic: al-wasatiyyah) based on the teachings of the Qur’an and elaborated by authoritative religious scholarship. The voice of Islamic moderation coming from contemporary Malaysia is a reflection of the Malaysian milieu in which Islamic thought has been nurtured in a multi-ethnic society in which Muslims, though in the majority, have lived and coexisted with non-Muslims of various ethnic and religious groups in peace and harmony. The image of Islam and Muslims, which has been tarnished and demonised in the world today, is countered here by a compelling and incisive discourse of moderation from Islamic perspectives.

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